The University of Arizona


  • As part of the regular 'Superstars of Science' series, Dr. Peter Troch, science director at Biosphere 2, talks with Bill Buckmaster about LEO. Check out the segment here, starting around 31:31. 

  • For the next week, Biosphere 2 and the Landscape Evolution Observatory crew will host a Chapman Conference. 
    The Chapman Conferences are small conferences organized by the American Geophysical Union, an interdisciplinary science organization consisting of more than 61,000 members from 146 countries. The AGU hosts the Chapman Conferences to explore scientific work in different fields, including atmospheric and ocean sciences; solid-Earth sciences; hydrologic sciences; and space sciences. 
    The conference will focus on four key areas on the complex relationships between soil and water-management, as well as how to measure those relationships across landscapes and differing time-scales. 
    During the conference, 15 speakers from research universities across Europe and North America will discuss soil properties, view LEO and visit Marshall Gulch in the Santa Catalina Mountains. 
    For more details, click here.