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Video production by Shipherd Reed and Ruben Ruiz


The Story of LEO


Dr. Steve DeLong describes the LEO project "soil" and sensors


Introduction to the Landscape Evolution Observatory


Steve DeLong thanks the LEO team


Steve DeLong describes sensors and slopes


Squeezing in the third hillslope


From where does the LEO "soil" come?


Turning LEO into the world's largest weighing lysimeter


Graveyard shift for science


How will researchers study the plants and soil in the LEO project without disturbing them?


The LEO project hosted the 2012 SW Wildfire conference at Biosphere 2


LEO Personnel Transporter!


Organizing the sensor cable and sampler tubing networks


Hydrologist Peter Troch discusses his excitement about the LEO project


Placing LEO soil


3D lasers for science!


Bill Dietrich from UC-Berkeley remarks on the LEO project


Rebecca Minor talks about prototyping for LEO


Structural Design of the LEO Project


Slippery Steel Work!


Fred Ferro discusses construction of the first LEO slope


Swinging Steel!


UA Science Journalism Students visit Biosphere 2, Fall 2011


The "Critical Zone Observatory" is closely related to the LEO project